The specific program is designed to equip participants with essential skills in academic and professional communication, focusing on both written and verbal forms. Attendees will delve into the fundamentals of academic writing and the essence of technical and professional communication so as to build a solid foundation for effective communication in various contexts.

Audience and purpose analysis, as well as ethics and social responsibility in communication, are thematic areas which will help participants tailor their messages to specific audiences and navigate wisely the ethical considerations inherent in professional communication.

By focusing on the examination of research skills, attendees will explore issues related to how to conduct thorough research, critically evaluate sources, and integrate information into their communication effectively. Public speaking and presentation skills, along with formal letter and CV writing, will provide participants with the necessary insights for adjusting their professional communication to diverse communication scenarios.

Technical definitions and the intricacies of crafting a research paper aim to enhance participants' ability to communicate complex technical concepts and produce well-structured research papers.

The close observation of the research process, from making hypotheses to conducting literature reviews, and mastering citations and references, will help participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the research process and a knowledge of how to effectively communicate findings in an academic setting.

Overall, the program aims to empower participants with the skills necessary for clear, ethical, and impactful communication in academic and professional settings. Whether writing research papers, delivering presentations, or crafting formal letters, participants will gain the proficiency needed to succeed in various communication tasks.

Who it is aimed at

For those interested in writing scientific papers in English.

 Participation cost    

300 Euros 


One deposit of €150 before the start of the course and one deposit of €150 midway through the course.