The Professional Development Programme focused on ICT in Outdoor & Adventure Inclusive Education.

Outdoor adventure education is characterized by a wide range of features such as outcome uncertainty, compelling tasks (e.g., involving relationship building), state of mind and completion of a journey, the search for excellence, and the expression of human dignity, all of which encompass action and intensity.

 Furthermore, while elements of real or perceived risks are an essential ingredient, OAE has moved beyond the concept of personal survival to one of thriving and contributing to quality of life and providing extraordinary opportunities for collaboration, creativity and  growth using an integrated approach, for people with or without disabilities sharing the rewards of experiencing nature and meeting challenges with a group of supportive peers with the use of ICT.

During the course, the participants will visit historical and natural monuments in Greece.


Who it is aimed at 


Teachers of all levels of educational and training organisations (pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational), school principals/managers, head teachers, inspectors, counselors, pedagogical advisors, teacher trainers, ICT teachers, learning designers, Museum Educators, Professionals in the Cultural Sector. 


 Participation cost    

400 Euros in total for the five days of the training programme (for each participant)